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EnergyK5 MIDI
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EnergyK5 MIDI

Price: €149.00

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EnergyK5 MIDI is the greatest brother of EnergyK5 USB model. It adds two standard MIDI ports (DIN 5-pin) which can do the function of MIDI-USB cable, interact with other MIDI controllers and operate directly without a computer, transmitting generated MIDI information by MIDI output.

If you need MIDI standard ports this model is perfect for you. It meets all features of EnergyK5 USB and it also has specific functions for standard MIDI ports.

When operating without a computer, messages received by the MIDI IN port are mixed with what EnergyK5 generates (and they are send by MIDI OUTPUT). In this way you can add control without contact to any MIDI keyboard or control surface.

The control wheel allows you to move through customizable scales,  to change MIDI channel on the fly, to select the note for dynamic chord function, or it can work as the wheel of any MIDI controller. As in the other models, its upper tactile button can control another instrument or make fast sequences with the same instrument controlled by the sensor. EnergyK5 MIDI is configured through its own version of Access, which includes features oriented to the MIDI hardware it incorporates.

With the purchase of EnergyK5 MIDI you will receive:

- EnergyK5 MIDI controller.

- USB connection cable.

- Case with two compartments to keep the controller and the cable (colour: black).

In order to work without a computer it is necessary to use a +5V power supply with an USB connection. You can purchase it in "EnergyK5 MIDI" pack by selecting this purchase option below. Power supply is available as well in Accesories category. You can see it here.

All EnergyK5 models includes the new function "Air Scale" (and some more new features). It allows you to play your personalized scales in the air.


This product is currently not available.

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